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'NetworkManager on Funtoo: Insufficient privileges (polkit)' date: 2015-05-11 21:57:18+00:00 categories: - Linux

I'm using NetworkManager some of the time on Funtoo (although if I could get connman to cooperate with all of the networks I use, I would drop NM in a heartbeat), and ran into permission errors from nm-applet such as "Failed to add new connection: (32) Insufficient privileges." Searching led me to this blog post, but his solution didn't work (I suspect that etc/polkit-1/localauthority/ is simply not used in my system, whether that is by configuration or deprecation). What did work was suggested by the Arch wiki: /etc/polkit-1/rules.d/50-org.freedesktop.NetworkManager.rules

polkit.addRule(function(action, subject) { if ("org.freedesktop.NetworkManager.") == 0 && subject.isInGroup("netdev")) { return polkit.Result.YES; } });

I changed the exact rule to use the netdev group instead of the network group because I had already made a netdev group and added my user to it (Funtoo apparently doesn't have a network management group by default).