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Testing code formatting plugin date: 2014-05-25 23:25:27+00:00 tags: - code

This is a test of formatting code on this site:

int main() //main function
   printf("Hello, world!");
    * Hey, look! A multiline comment!
    * (Although the above single line comment implies
    * that this is C++ code which is nonetheless using
    * printf() instead of cout)
   return 0;

Some more:

#! /bin/bash
mv ~/Downloads/*.jpg ~/Downloads/pictures/
mv ~/Downloads/*.gif ~/Downloads/pictures/
mv ~/Downloads/*.png ~/Downloads/pictures/
mv ~/Downloads/*.bmp ~/Downloads/pictures/

(defun hello (s)
(concatenate 'string "Hello, " s)
(hello "me") ;demo time!

Okay, so not so good on Lisp, but on anything even remotely C-like it works well.