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'Debian Kit: Debian with Android' date: 2014-07-31 01:55:57+00:00 categories: - Linux tags: - android - whatIUse

Well this is cool.

caption id="attachment77" align="alignright" width="300"(]( Debian on Android (with tmux and htop)[/caption]

Debian Kit is a project to install a Debian system on an Android device, but coexisting with the Android system instead of being cooped up in a chroot (my understanding is that there is an image being mounted, but then linked into the real directory structure instead of chrooted into).

The only difficulty I had with the instructions as given is a dead link to the actual image file (link points at version 1-3, current is 1-5), but that wasn't an issue. I used the minimal Debian install personally (half a Gig is quite big enough on an 8GB device). And I supplemented with a connection in ConnectBot configured to autorun "exec deb" on start so I can jump straight in (if you want to do this, make sure to add a blank line at the end so it'll actually run that instead of just prefilling it).

So, you may ask: what good is a Debian system on your phone? And I say: lots! The best thing I've thought of so far is to install sshfs, so I can mount another machine's storage into my phone's file system. And there is a certain amount of fun just in having a full system on hand at all times (no pun intended:]). At some point I should install an SSH server as well, so I can remote into my phone (and mount it over sshfs); for this I'm looking at dropbear, which is billed as being more lightweight than openssh-server.

  • I personally am using VX ConnectBot, which is much more feature-full than the original.