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The ff script is a wrapper for Firefox. It runs firefox in a jail using firejail, and uses dmenu to select a profile (not pretty, but functional enough; I mostly wanted to type to select).

# Runs firefox, in a jail, using dmenu to select a profile
# By Brian Cole, 2016-01-16
# version 1.1, 2016-02-17, fixes bugs and sorts profiles (case-insensitive)

#set -x
set -e

cd "$PPATH"

PROFILE="$(ls -1 | sort -f | dmenu -i)"
#PROFILE="$(ls -1 | dmenu -i)"

echo Looking at $PROFILE
if test $PROFILE = 'profiles.ini'
        firejail firefox --no-remote --ProfileManager
        firejail firefox  --no-remote --profile "$PPATH/$PROFILE"

Room for improvement

Minimal, for my use cases. I should add an option for different firefox binaries, since I sometimes use a prefix install or want to use the developer edition.