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About me

I'm Brian. I like computers.


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About this site

This site is intentionally minimal and light; it is meant to work on the broadest possible set of systems/browsers, including Firefox on Windows, Chrome on Linux, elinks on NetBSD, dillo on OpenBSD... you get the idea.

This does mean that formatting is minimal, JavaScript must be optional (or omitted, as it is in the current version of the site), and HTML features are constrained to the set of things that work everywhere. Personally, I rather like the resulting style anyways, although it does prove a bit idiosyncratic:)

The site is currently maintained as a collection of markdown files that are processed into the final form by the sw static site generator; this has the advantage of requiring no additional software (sw only depends on some POSIX utilities) at the cost of some build performance and minor rendering quirks. At some point I'll probably switch to a Makefile+pandoc arrangement.